My Summer Place

Bringing the Camp Experience to Children in Foster Care

Create a special summer place for a foster child today – give the gift of camp!

My Summer Place helps bring kids in foster care to Island Lake and Miracle Ranch, where they can:

  • Experience the adventure of camp
  • Take in the wonder of the outdoors, and in some cases,
  • Rekindle relationships with their siblings!

Most foster parents cannot afford a camp experience for their foster kids. Boys and girls in foster care often lack stability in their lives. 

Your gift to a foster child makes it possible for them to experience camp, make new friends, and explore a new world.

With your support, you can expose kids to the wonder of the outdoors and the fun of unique camp activities; but most importantly, CRISTA Camps exists to provide the opportunity for every kid, no matter how difficult their story, to feel at home. 

One chance to go to camp could be all a foster child needs to find their summer place.